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School Building Committee
Wellesley High School Project Update

Issue #21
September 19, 2008

The past week has been very productive for the SBC, as we have compiled all the research, reviews, studies and estimates for the Wellesley High School Building Project Plan.

The Project Plan was formally submitted to the MSBA on September 12th and we are preparing for our report to the upcoming Special Town Meeting starting October 20th.

Please see below for further information and links to the Project Plan.

~The Wellesley School Building Committee


Project Plan Submitted to MSBA

The Project Plan includes all the documentation to support the scope, size and cost of the building project. The following sections are of particular interest:

  • floor plans for each of the four floors. The spaces are color-coded by function. exterior views.
  • exterior designs from multiple views. The exteriors will continue to be developed in the coming weeks. The views provided here are the most current designs under development.
  • budget: The budget is provided in great detail in the MSBA submission. In sum, the grant eligible costs are $110 million and other project costs are $22.7 million, for a total project budget of $132.7 million. It is anticipated that the MSBA will approve a grant of approximately $44 million. Therefore, the total cost to the Town of Wellesley will be approximately $89 million.
The complete submission is provided in sections on the SBC webpage on the town website, including the following sections (note: the files are >1 MB and therefore require time to download):

  • Section 1 Executive Summary
  • Section 2 Educational Specification
  • Section 3 Model School Efficiencies
  • Section 4 Sustainable Design Goals
  • Section 5 Project Schedule
  • Section 6 Project Budget
  • Section 7 Description of Construction
  • Section 8 Progress Schematic Designs
We anticipate that the MSBA will be making a final determination on our submission at their board meeting scheduled for September 29th.

How to Learn More...

We have scheduled a series of Project Plan Symposia so that all town residents can come to learn about the Plan in greater detail. At these events we will review the designs, construction plans and funding. We will welcome your questions and comments.

The Project Plan Symposium is designed to provide an opportunity for public education and will be televised as noted:

Sun, Oct 5 at 3:00pm, Police Station

Tue, Oct 7 at 9:30am, Wakelin Room, Main Library

Tue, Oct 14 at 7:30pm, Town Hall (televised live on the Wellesley Channel)

Construction Impact Forum - For WPS parents

While the Project Plan remains subject to the review and approval by the MSBA, Town Meeting and the voters of Wellesley, the School Committee and School Administration are working without delay to anticipate potential issues and needs of educating students in increasing numbers while construction occurs in the WHS parking lot.

Parents of WPS students at all levels - elementary, middle school, high school - are invited to attend and participate in an open forum on Wednesday, October 1st at 7:30pm in the WHS auditorium to discuss concerns for preparation of the current site to meet the needs of students from the commencement of site work (Fall 2009), through construction (commencing March 2010), and through completion of site work in September 2013 (anticipated occupancy is January 2013).

The forum, sponsored by the Wellesley School Committee, is an outreach to school parents, offering an opportunity both to speak, ask questions, and to learn more about this project. In addition to School Committee, members of the PBC, SBC, the project manager and the architect (SMMA), will be present to provide for an informative evening.

We encourage parents to attend. If you are unable to come, the Forum will be televised live on The Wellesley Channel and rebroadcast at additional dates and times. Please check the channel listing.

We also encourage parents to send your questions, comments or concerns to the School Committee to assure they will be addressed.

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Reference Articles

Recently added:

The High School Project Takes Shape, by Katherine L. Babson, Jr., Chair of SBC. A summary of the significant progress made over the summer on the WHS Building Project.

WHS Project: Parking Considerations, by Marlene Allen, SBC member. A summary of findings of the Parking and Transportation Working Group on the interim parking plans during construction of the High School Building.

Consensus Reached on Wellesley High School Project, by Katherine L. Babson, Jr., Chair of SBC. A summary of the recent developments on the WHS building project including collaborative efforts with the MSBA yielding a tentative agreement on project scope.

A Building Project Decision, by Katherine L. Babson, Jr., Chair of SBC. A summary of the recent decision by the SBC to pursue a High School Building Project based on the "Hub:" option, an all-new construction project.

Moving Forward: MSBA meets with SBC, by Katherine L. Babson, Jr. Chair of the SBC . A summary of the initial meeting (2/28/08) with the MSBA on the Wellesley High School Building Project.

WHS Building Project Executive Summary, A 17-page comprehensive review of the project to date, provided to the MSBA in the initial documentation package.

The WHS Project: A Principal's Perspective, by Andrew Keough, Wellesley High School Principal and SBC Member. Insights into how a high school building is integral to the learning experience, effective curriculum delivery and a student's sense of well-being.

WHS: a 50-year Solution, Physically and Functionally, by Tom Goemaat, Member of SBC. While the physical building must be built to last 50 years, it must also be functional for as long. This article provides a summary of why past proposals have failed to meet both objectives and why there really is no "low cost" option.

Reality Check on the WHS Building, by Steve Gagosian, Member of the SBC and Permanent Building Committee. A cursory look at the condition of the WHS physical plant and state of the systems and structures.

Building for the future, by Tom Goemaat, Member of the SBC. A preliminary cost evaluation of the High School options, including the critical factors and variables which impact costs.

Learning from Others, by Cynthia Westerman, Member of the SBC. A summary of the site visits to local high schools which have recently undergone renovation and/or new construction.

Back to School in More Ways than One, by Katherine L. Babson, Jr., A "back-to-school" review on the High School Project to date.

For Performance or Sport: The Space Matters, by Suzanne Littlefield, School Committee and SBC Member. A summary of the School Committee decisions regarding design of the Auditorium and Gymnasium spaces to enable the WPS Educational Program.

Enabling Core Values, by the SBC. The key principles (in order of priority) to serve as the foundation for decision-making in the High School Project.

The WHS Project and You, by Katherine L. Babson, Jr., Chair of the SBC. The impact of the High School Project on each and every resident and the commitment to two-way communication.

How Public Education has evolved in Wellesley, by Bella Wong, Superintendent of the Wellesley Public Schools. How the many changes in teaching methods, state and federal mandates to education, and the importance of the extracurricular programs impact the current Educational Program.

WHS Project: The Pieces of the Puzzle, by Bella Wong, Superintendent of the Wellesley Public Schools. A summary of the physical space needed to enable the WPS Educational Program. The resulting "Architectural Educational Program" details what is included and where it is located and as such, becomes the basis for the building design.

WHS Project: The Importance of Site, by Marlene Allen, Member of the School Committee and Chair of the Interboard Land Use Working Group. A summary of the study conducted by the Land Use Working Group to assess the constraints and opportunities afforded by the land parcels adjacent to the current High School site.

The articles are also available on the SBC website.

SBC Members

Katherine L. Babson, Jr.
Selectmen Representative
SBC Chairman

Steve Baker

Tom Goemaat

Steve Gagosian
Permanent Building Committee
(PBC) Representative

David Mooney
Advisory Committee Representative

Andrew Keough
High School Principal

Hans Larsen
Town Executive Director

Suzy Littlefield
School Committee

Kathy Mullaney
PBC Projects Administrator

Cynthia Westerman
Citizen-Project Manager

Bella Wong
Superintendent of Schools

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