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Frequently Asked Questions
When should you apply for an Automatic Alarm Permit?
Any time an alarm system of any type (Fire, Burglar or EMS) is installed on the premises
of a residential, commercial or industrial structure or any combination, an

How long is an Alarm Permit valid?
An alarm permit is valid for 3 years at which time a renewal application is required free
of charge.

What is the fee for an Alarm Permit?
A residential alarm permit is $35.00. Commercial alarm permit is $60.00. Combination alarm permit is
$85.00. Industrial alarm permit is $125.00.

Is there a fine for excessive False Alarms?
There is no fee for one false alarm in a twelve month period. However, subsequent
alarms will be charged as follows: the second false alarm is $50.00, the third false alarm
is $100.00 and each additional false alarm is $100.00.

Is there a fine for not filing for a permit?
Yes, there is a $100.00 fine for not filling for a permit.

What is a Knox Box Key Lock Box and why is it a good idea to have one?
A Knox Box Key Lock Box is a miniature safe that mounts on the exterior of a structure
that holds keys to important locked doors in a structure. In case of an emergency, where
access into a structure is required and no one is available to unlock a door for emergency
personnel, a key from the lock box would be used to enter the structure without damage
to the structure or so the emergency personnel will not have to wait an extensive amount
of time for someone to unlock the door.

Who should have a Knox Box?
Every structure which has an alarm system and any structure that does not have someone
readily available in case of an emergency should have a Knox Box.

How can we guarantee the safety of the keys in the Knox Box?
The Fire Department is the only agency which has the key to the Knox Box. The key is
locked in the fire trucks and can only be released by the Putnam County 911 dispatch
center via a radio frequency.

How can you purchase a Knox Box?
You can contact the Fire Inspector and the box can be purchased through the Fire

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